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At Matis Baum O’Connor – MBO – we are dedicated to skillfully, aggressively, and efficiently delivering consistently excellent results. When clients come to us, they have a lot at stake: often their careers and their reputations. They need a strong and straightforward defense, which is what we deliver. After all, the best offense is a great defense. But in such stressful situations, they also need compassion, honesty and complete understanding in addition to our full support.

Part of what makes MBO successful is the way in which we approach our cases. Because we have so much experience in healthcare litigation, our attorneys have in-depth knowledge and medical industry expertise that is quite unusual for a law firm. MBO attorneys regularly attend and conduct seminars and continuing education workshops in the healthcare field so that our knowledge is always up-to-date.

For specific examples of how our attorneys’ medical knowledge has delivered results in the courtroom be sure to read the testimonials.